The Desi Dance Network

September 14, 2019

The Desi Dance Network was officially founded in 2014 to foster a community amongst artists engaged in competitive South Asian dance. Since the inception of the organization, Desi Dance Network has grown to include not only dancers, but all performance artists from multiple genres of South Asian performance arts (including DJs, producers, filmmakers, etc.). Desi Dance Network was founded on the principle of community building and re-empowering the South Asian community by reconnecting multigenerational South Asian dancers to their roots. Desi Dance Network co-hosts and sponsors various national events ranging from dance competitions to conventions and forums.

Our Mission:

Through the intersection of performances, arts education, and civic engagement, Desi Dance Network seeks to:

  • Empower South Asian artists by creating and developing safe spaces for artistic and creative growth.
  • Increase diversity in the entertainment workforce by providing a continuum of work-based learning experiences and opportunities.
  • Promote South Asian Performing Arts in the United States.
  • Build a supportive and empowering community within the collegiate and high school Desi dance circuits.  

Our Vision:

Desi Dance Network exists to combat cultural erasure and challenge the mainstream notions of identity by providing a platform that promotes narratives through Desi dance, music, and arts. We envision a continuum of work-based learning and artistic development opportunities that allows our youth and young adults to create global movements shifting perceptions of art, community, and identity.

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