Why Legends 2020 is in Chicago Again

November 14, 2019

Legends Bollywood Dance Championship will be held in Chicago, IL on April 11, 2020. You might find the reasoning interesting.

Data and Dance Circuit

Legends Board incorporates data into almost all of its decisions. Every year for us is a learning experience that adds to our toolkit. From the first Legends to the last, we strive for continuous improvement so that we can provide the best quality experience for our dancers. Here's what we've learned:

Year 1: We learned how to tackle some of the biggest issues in the circuit and redefine norms. We created a new championship that was based solely on feedback, data, testing, and hard work. After choosing Costa Mesa for its Broadway caliber theatre we appreciated the close quarters that the hotel, venue, and - to an extent - after party provided.

Year 2: To keep things fresh we decided to change our location but stay in the  California area. Moving north to the San Francisco area provided its own challenges, most of all with the hotel, venue, and after party requiring long trips in buses and nothing being close to each other. Lesson learned. We need to bring everything closer.

Year 3: We saw the low turnout in California for two years and knew it was time for a change. We decided to pick the Midwest because of its easy access and large concentration of South Asians. Chicago had an amazing theatre that we fell in love with. Once we confirmed our venue we knew that we had to pick a hotel and after party location that were walking distance - if possible. We prioritized the proximity and were able to reduce the stress of our dancers from a logistics perspective.

Year 4: After three years of changing location we understood that proximity to different events is important. We built relationships with people at the Harris theatre, so we know the logistics process will run even smoother this year. We’re confident in their ability to take care of our production and we can fine-tune items and make an even better experience.

Chicago was super accessible for the Midwest, and comparatively cheaper for other folks to fly into. We’re familiar with the territory now, and are super excited to discover new places and trends to surprise the top teams. Lastly, because we’re already well-versed with our logistics and travel, we can focus our efforts to innovating the overall Legends experience - such as these blog posts, more media content, and other initiatives that we can’t wait to roll out.

So get ready for another amazing year in Chicago and get hyped for a ton of new projects that will launch this year!

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